One of the reasons this blog was created was to keep everyone posted on the going ons here at MathNook.  So here’s a quick update:

In addition to adding more math games we have a lot going on here.  We’re currently reworking the website to make it load faster and be more efficient.  We’re also redesigning it so the look will change a little too.  Hopefully you’ll like it! 

In addition to that we’re putting out some video math tutorials.  We have several produced but they aren’t up on MathNook yet.  To see them you can go to and search for mathnook. 

We’re also going to make the Math Games To Go games available for free download.  Math Games To Go was our previous company that produced classroom math games for the classroom.  These games have sold out and we are no longer making them but you will be able to make them yourself by downloading the game PDF’s and printing them on card stock as Math Games To Go did.