Why do I need to learn this stuff?  That’s a question I asked my teacher over 40 years ago.  I loved math but I still couldn’t see the reason for learning some of the math that was being taught.  I don’t remember the answer given to my question but I don’t think I was convinced.  What has convinced me is the odd problem that comes up occasionally that has forced me to utilize some of the “stuff” that I knew back then that I’d never need.

Do a search on Google for the uses of prime numbers and you’ll find very little other than their use in cryptology.  So, back 40 years ago when I probably asked that question there probably wasn’t much of an answer given.  Certainly not one that would have convinced me I’d ever use them.  Fast forward 40 years and I finally found the reason why I needed to learn about prime numbers.  I was working on a game and was trying to limit repetitions in two animations.  I won’t go into the gory details but the solution was to have each animation consist of frames that equal a prime number.

So if you’re asked that question I think it’s safe to say that a lot of that “stuff” will come up at some time in the future for the student.  And in this case even an artist can utilize prime numbers.