Four new math games added to

1. Math Defy – The villagers are out to destroy your castle and they are armed with equations. You know what to do! Choose to play practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

2. Bees in Trouble – The Balloons have invaded the bee’s nest. Have the bee pop the balloons until the number of balloons left satisfy the subtraction problem. This is a great game for players new to subtraction as it starts out slowly and if the problem is missed more balloons show up so they can try again.

3. Space Traffic Addition – An awesome addition game that stands on its own as a game you might just want to play for fun to get a high score. This game is suitable for a StarBoard, Smart Board, etc. as only mouse clicks are required to play.

4. Brainie – Click on the number bricks that equal the number that Brainie is thinking of. Come up with the number by using your addition and subtraction skills (and multiplcation skills on later levels).

These games can be found on the last page of the math games here: click here.