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Added 12 New Math Games!


Go and see the new math games quickly by clicking on “SEE OUR NEWEST MATH GAMES” link on the front page of You might have to click “MORE MATH GAMES” once you get there if there happens to be more than one page of new math games.

New games added:

Factor Bones – Skill: Factors
Fun Math – Skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division with bonus questions involving sequence of numbers
Math Boat Subtraction – Skill: subtraction
Math Boat Subtraction – Skill: multiplication
Math Boat Subtraction – Skill: division
Aquarium Fish – Skill: counting
Chipacabra’s Math – Skills: addition, subtraction
Clock Bones – Skill: telling time
Math Puppies Even Odd – Skill: even and odd numbers
Math Puppies Prime – Skill: prime numbers
LOL Ant – Skill: even and odd numbers
Melius Math – Skill: addition

As usual they are all free to play so Enjoy!

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