A fundamental subject that plays a key role in many facets of society, math isn’t valued like it should be. These days, modern American children have fallen far behind the rest of the world when it comes to math performance. Sadly, research suggests that this tends to result in lower quality lives.

Why it Matters So Much

Studies have shown a strong correlation between good math skills and better lives. After pouring over tons of data, researchers recently determined that students are far more likely to attend college after successfully completing at least one geometry course. What’s more, researchers out of the University of Edinburgh found that early math skills were a powerful predictor of future earning power. In fact, they determined that good math skills at age seven meant thousands of dollars more in annual income; while poor math skills at this early age typically amounted to lower future socioeconomic status.

Math Worksheets

Investing in Your Child’s Future

A mountain of research has made it clear that good math skills translate into higher earning power and better lives. Most of the top-paying professions use math in some way. That said, good math skills also tend to translate into better achievement in professions that require little math. A pair of University of Illinois legal scholars recently unveiled research that showed a clear correlation between good math skills and higher-performing lawyers. Other studies have shown that good math skills tend to result in better problem solving capabilities that make it easier to perform in a variety of occupations.

Starting Early

To cultivate good math skills, it’s important to get started while children are still young. The National Institutes of Health recently threw its weight behind a study which showed that early intervention had a huge impact on a child’s development. According to the research, to make a real difference in a child’s life, parents need to get them interested in math by the first grade: a daunting task, especially since children tend to regard this important subject as boring.

Make it Fun

In the old days, parents and teachers relied exclusively on dusty old books to teach mathematics. These days, however, things have changed. By utilizing modern technology, you can create a “math playground,” which cloaks learning within fun online games.

At Mathnook, we feature a variety of video games, fun worksheets and other teaching tools that don’t seem like teaching tools at all. By taking advantage of a child’s desire to play computer games, we’ve created the ideal environment for early math education. Instead of forcing your kids to sit still and focus on black and white, two-dimensional series of numbers; you can introduce them to a fun world of entertainment that will give them the fundamental tools they need to succeed in school and adulthood.

These days, children yearn to play computer games. Instead of fighting this insatiable desire, why not embrace it? Thanks to Mathnook, you can provide your children with a “step-up” that could lead to better grades, a college education, a better paying job and a higher quality of life.