MathMan Rounding Math Game

Parents are always looking for any advantage that they can to give their children a leg up in school.  But many parents, particularly in today’s economy, cannot afford high-priced tutors or after school programs which promise results in exchange for hefty fees.  Those on a budget may be left in the dark about how to find quality math educational resources that are actually free.  Enter MathNook, which has found a way to educate children in a lively and imaginative way without having to charge along the way.  But that isn’t the only thing that makes MathNook a great resource.  Here’s why you should definitely consider making this one of your go-to resources for helping your child.

  • It is totally FREE—As we already mentioned, MathNook is totally free.  Many parents are wary about allowing their children onto the Internet because of “hidden fee horror stories.”  You probably have heard of at least one of these:  Parents give a child a tablet or computer and let him or her use it on “free” websites only to find out that the child has been indiscriminately clicking on pop-ups or add-on features to the site which charge mom and dad’s credit card and go unnoticed until the first bill hits them with hundreds or thousands of dollars in charges.  But this isn’t the case with MathNook.  Everything on MathNook is free.  No registration is required either, so your child won’t need an email account just to use the games.
  • Ads are monitored—If the site is free, how is it paid for?  One of the ways, obviously, is with advertising.  While advertising may be considered a negative for some parents, MathNook takes great care to ensure that all of the advertising is family friendly and age appropriate.  You will never have to worry about having to monitor what ads will be displayed on the pages because this has been handled by the page designers.
  • It is updated regularly—MathNook is constantly adding and redesigning games to make them more educationally useful and more appealing.  Recently, the site went live with its 200th game (Math Sushi) and is adding more regularly.
  • It isn’t just about games—MathNook also has a well written and referenced set of resources including Math Worksheets, Videos,  and Teaching Tools.  These resources can also be used both online and offline to ensure that your child is getting the best practice possible when it comes to furthering his or her education.
  • It is recognized by educators—School districts have long seen the value of play and recreation as a possible teaching tool, particularly in the field of math.  Online games such as MathNook are becoming more widely used by educators to help reinforce the lessons in a fun and appealing way.

Taking a tour of the MathNook website will show you that it is a safe and efficient way to effectively help motivate your child to learn about mathematics.  This particular field is of utmost importance when it comes to success in life so that is why it is so important to help your child now in the early stages of learning these skills.