LiveBindersSchool is back in session for another year and teachers and parents are looking for ways to help their students to succeed in school.  Whether you are a math teacher looking for a new resource or a parent who is homeschooling and trying to find a way to give your child an extra advantage, LiveBinders is a wonderful source for information and activities.  This tool will allow you to put together a number of different pieces of information for your child to help him or her to be able to do well in his or her classes.

The easiest way to understand the concept of LiveBinders is to think of the old-fashioned three ring binders that are so commonplace in classrooms.  With these classroom staples, you can collect and organize a variety of papers, notes, and worksheets.  LiveBinders works in much the same way by allowing teachers or parents to digitally collect materials into one central location.  Teachers are able, for instance, to bind together worksheets or online activities such as math games for their students to view when they are at home.  Teachers can make this information available anywhere a student has an Internet connection for the purposes of reinforcing material, introducing new concepts, or reviewing information prior to a test or quiz.  They can also search through the collections of available binders to find other materials and tools that have been shared by teachers around the world.  This kind of global focus on education is a new step in the right direction as it allows teachers, regardless of where they are, to share and transmit tools and techniques that can help their students excel in the classroom and on the many standardized tests which are becoming all too commonplace in the educational setting.  Teachers who are also worried about major changes in curriculum coming up with new Common Core Standards will be able to find many useful and practical resources and tools to help them succeed in implementing this major shift.

For parents, particularly those who are looking to homeschool, LiveBinders is practically heaven sent.  Many of these parents may feel cut off from information as they do not access to resources that may be more readily available to teachers in a school environment where faculty members can share their best practices.  Now, these same parents can search through digital binders of information and resources and compile their own online notebooks for their children to use to help learn difficult concepts such as advanced math, algebra, or even calculus.  Even those subjects that the parents may feel “shaky” about don’t have to be worrisome as LiveBinders puts experts at your fingertips to make this work much easier.

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking to try something new, a rookie hoping for ideas for the first day of school, and homeschooling parent trying to find a new way to explain a tricky concept, or just a concerned parent trying to give your child an extra leg up on his or her education, LiveBinders can provide an easy resource to not only find materials but also collect and bind those materials that you find under one setting.