While some individuals may be born with a naturally elevated intellectual capacity, intelligence is not necessarily solely an innate trait. Most smart minds develop overtime through proper care, exercise, and routine maintenance. Though schooling absolutely enhances cognition, going to school is not the only means by which one can strengthen mind function. Are you interested in heightening your intelligence? Here are a few of the best ways to increase mental capacity.


Meditation: Meditation calms the mind, while also, as research shows, changes the structure of the brain, increasing memory capacity, and improving focus and attention span. Meditative practices can vary person to person, but focusing on the breath is a great way for mediators to begin moving into their practice. Overtime, regular daily mediation can teach your mind how to work for efficiently, thereby increasing your mental speed and capacity for varied thought.


Get Healthy: Daily exercise and proper diet benefit both body and mind. The physical condition of the body directly affects cognition. If the body is in poor shape, the blood stream heavily populated with toxins from poor diet or low exercise levels, it becomes more difficult for oxygen to reach the brain, siphoning off vital fuel, thereby decreasing mental functioning. Incorporating a regular exercise regimen into your daily life, and maintaining a healthy and organic based diet can help your keep your body, your mind’s home and feeding ground, in its best possible condition for proper mental function and intellectual growth.


Sleep: Regular sleep is a vital variable in the equation for a well-running mind. Researchers actually surmise that during sleep, the unconscious mind files and organizes thoughts from the prior day, readying the mind for what lies in store for the future. Brains without regular sleep suffer from memory impairment, decreased motor skill function, and weakened focus. Lack of sleep can also increase anxiety levels. To give your brain its best shot at expanded intelligence, be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep nightly.


Brain Exercise: As all body parts need regular exercising and strengthening to maintain proper functioning levels, so too does the brain. Exercising your brain can be as simple as alternating your teeth brushing hand, or driving a different way to work. Doing math exercises or playing games like Sudoku are also great ways to keep your brain in shape for extended cognitive capacity and increased function.


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