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Common Core State Standard


Understand that multiplication is extended from fractions to rational numbers by requiring that operations continue to satisfy the properties of operations, particularly the distributive property, leading to products such as (-1)(-1) = 1 and the rules for multiplying signed numbers. Interpret products of rational numbers by describing real-world contexts.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.2.a
Take an alien flying saucer for a spin and collect numbered fuel pods that answer the integer multiplication problems.  Collecting fuel pods keep your saucer flying.  Try flying as long as you can.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1.b, 7.NS.A.1.c, 7.NS.A.2.a, 7.NS.A.2.b
Race your motorcycle to the finish line.  Race against some tough competitors and try and beat them all by answering problems with positive and negative numbers.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1.b, 7.NS.A.1.c, 7.NS.A.2.a, 7.NS.A.2.b
Pick up numbers, both positive and negative, and drop them in the problem parking spots to build a valid equation equal to the target number of each level.  Choose to play the addition/subtraction version or the multiplication/division version.