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Common Core State Standard


Understand that integers can be divided, provided that the divisor is not zero, and every quotient of integers (with non-zero divisor) is a rational number. If p and q are integers, then –(p/q) = (–p)/q = p/(–q). Interpret quotients of rational numbers by describing real-world contexts.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1b, 7.NS.A.1c, 7.NS.A.1d, 7.NS.A.2a, 7.NS.A.2b, 7.NS.A.2c
Drag and drop the positive or negative integer that will complete the number sentence correctly Play using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1b, 7.NS.A.1c, 7.NS.A.1d, 7.NS.A.2b, 7.NS.A.2c
Create Golden Zeros by combining numbers to equal zero.  Create as many Golden Zeros as you can in the allotted time!

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1b, 7.NS.A.1c, 7.NS.A.1d, 7.NS.A.2b, 7.NS.A.2c
Golden Zeros with levels!  You'll still need to create Golden Zeros but you'll have to meet the goals of each level to complete it.

CCSS: 7.NS.A.1b, 7.NS.A.1c, 7.NS.A.2a, 7.NS.A.2b
The integers version of Math Balloons.  Remove balloons to make groups of same colored balloons by determining if the answers to the problems using positive and negative integers are correct or incorrect.