City Helicopter Flight

City Helicopter Flight icon

Fly your chopper through and above the city skyline in this helicopter flying simulation game. Complete missions to earn cash for new helicopters and upgrades.


Dynamons icon

Train your Dynamons and send them into battle. Win battles to catch other animals so you can add them to your team.

Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner icon

See how far you can get Professor Jones through the temple. Jones will need to run, jump, slide and even surf to get safely by various obstacles and dangers.

Hide N Seek!

Hide N Seek! icon

Choose to hide in the small room or be the seeker. The game takes place in a small room but it all evens out since the players hiding are invisible. That is unless they aren't careful and leave tracks!

Circus Words

Circus Words icon

Find all of the words on each level and collect coins. Use coins to buy hints if you need help with a word. No time limit in this game.

My Dolphin Show 4

My Dolphin Show 4 icon

The Dolphin Show must go on so get ready to wow the crowd by getting the dolphins to do amazing stunts.

Golf Bounce

Golf Bounce icon

Grab a golf club and launch the penquin as far as you can. Collect coins for upgrades to help the penquin fly even farther.

Shopping Mall Tycoon

Shopping Mall Tycoon icon

A fun shopping mall simulation where you'll buy land, build and upgrade shops to create a successful shopping mall. Keep your customers happy to become the shopping mall tycoon.

Among Hill Climber

Among Hill Climber icon

Conquer the hills in all 14 maps. Collect coins to upgrade your ride or purchase new vehicles such as a bicycle, taxi or a tank.

Connect Me

Connect Me icon

Complete all of the connections by dragging and dropping the tiles in the correct locations in this casual play game. Some pieces won't move and some you can rotate. No time limit in this game.

Philatelic Escape Fauna Album

Philatelic Escape Fauna Album icon

An escape room game where you'll need to find the 10 hidden stamps and stamp album. Lots of puzzles to solve before you can escape.

Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade icon

Fight fires and rescue people in this firefighting simulation game. Use the coins you earn to upgrade equipment and your team size.

Idle Factory

Idle Factory icon

Build up your factory business in this fun idle tycoon style game. Hire new workers as you grind away the day. Slowly build up your business until you have the best factory around.

Exit Puzzle: Colors Game

Exit Puzzle: Colors Game icon

Place the arrows on the board so that the dots can get to the exit on each level.

Soccer Skills 2021

Soccer Skills 2021 icon

Lots of soccer action in this fast paced 3D soccer game that includes throw-ins, corner kicks, fouls and penalties.

Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6 icon

Get the slow moving but spirited snail safely to the exit in each level. Don't forget to find all 3 hidden stars in each level so you can unlock and play the minigames. icon

Surf's up so get on your surfboard and ride. Flip and make perfect landings to beat the competition to the finish line.

Rolling Cube

Rolling Cube icon

Roll the cube to completely uncover the hidden image. You'll need to turn the cube this way and that way so that the cube doesn't fall off the ledge. icon

Dominate the board with your player's color. Claim uncolored objects and any object when in Claim Mode.

Heart Box

Heart Box icon

Get the robot to the charging station on each level. You can always go back and replay levels in the different modes available for an extra challenge.

Mees Kees Stacker

Mees Kees Stacker icon

Stack the given objects as best as you can to prevent them from falling. Lots of different objects so this isn't always easy. See if you can complete all 40 levels.

Ball Hit

Ball Hit icon

You'll need to deal with the objects on each level to get the basketball in the basket. Sometimes you just need to move them a little other times you will need to rotate the objects to get the right ball trajectory.

Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet icon

Drive round and round the planet until you get all of the red beams. Rotate the planet to do so but take care to avoid craters and other obstacles.

Swing Rider

Swing Rider icon

Swing through the city like spiderman to win the race. You can also choose to reach goals or play in Destruction Mode.

Hanger 2

Hanger 2 icon

More rope swinging fun. All you have to do is reach the end of each level in one piece. Hit buzzsaws, propellers or other objects and your ragdoll might lose a body part! icon

King of the hill with snowplows! Roll snowballs at your opponents to knock them off the ice shelf. A widescreen version of the popular game.

Golden Scarabaeus

Golden Scarabaeus icon

Collect all of the golden beetles on each level by utilizing the levers, switches and different capabilities of the various block-headed characters. icon

Collect the stray ducklings and bring them safely to your nest in this fun casual game. Watch out for boats and other hens that will try and steal you ducklings.

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 icon

Choose from over 50 types of buildings to help you build your city in space with thousands of inhabitants. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future! Grow your city from an exploration ship to a huge metropolis, full of advanced technology.

3 Pandas

3 Pandas icon

Help the 3 pandas escape their cage and safely make their way home. Lots of puzzles to solve. No time limit in this game.

Loop Hexa

Loop Hexa icon

Rotate the pieces to find the right combination to create the closed shapes. Casual play without any time limit.

Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob game icon

Snail Bob is slow but that doesn't mean he can't get to the end of each level. Help him complete each level by figuring out the puzzles and clicking on various devices.

Slime Arrows

Slime Arrows game icon

Get to the end of each level by clicking to activate and deactivate the Arrow Platforms. No time limit but you'll need to be careful as the levels are full of pointy things!

Basket Random

Basket Random game icon

Lots of fun playing basketball with the wacky and hard to control players. It helps that the other team is just as bad. First player to make 5 baskets wins the game.

Boxing Random

Slime Arrows game icon

More Random fun with wacky boxers that are also hard to control. Each round varies with icy fields and obstacles as well as players that are super fast, have long and short arms or big and small heads.

Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire game icon

Build your mining business out like a tycoon. Get your mine cranking to earn money to use to automate tasks, build mineshafts and improve effeciencies.

Idle Zoo

Idle Zoo game icon

This zoo has been idle for way too long. Your job is to restore the zoo and make it better than it ever was by researching, building and populating the habitats.

Carrom With Buddies

Carrom With Buddies game icon

The classic Carrom or finger pool game that you can play with friends or against the computer.

Chess Mania

Chess Mania game icon

Climb to the top of the tower by completing each chess challenge. The tower has 400 levels with various challenges for you to complete. Standard chess rules apply.

Construction Set

Construction Set game icon

Build the various objects such as cars, houses, bicycles, etc. by following the instructions using the Lego-like building blocks. Casual play game without any time limit..

The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom game icon

Merge together hundreds of items to complete challenging quests to help rebuild the Mergest Kingdom. No time limit in this game.

Vector Rush

Vector Rush game icon

Survive the earthquake and crumbling buildings by jumping over and between buildings and sliding underneath obstacles in true parkour fashion. Collect as many coins as you can in each level so you can purchase new features.

Fly This!

Fly This! game icon

Complete each level by delivering the target number of passengers to the correct destination. A fun and easy to play air traffic controller game where you'll need to avoid other planes, thunderstorms, and turbulence.

Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D game icon

Flip and land on the target. Simple except for the fact you'll be doing it at different heights, distances away from the target and lots of fun and different environments. No time limit in this game but you'll have to reach certain goals to unlock the different environments.

Red Ball Forever 2

Red Ball Forever 2 game icon

Play the sequel to the popular Red Ball Forever platform games. Red Ball still doesn't have any arms and legs but that won't prevent Red Ball from getting to the end of each level with your help.

Football Legends 2021

Football Legends 2021 game icon

Choose your team and work your way up to the top of the league in this fun soccer game. Choose to play in single player mode or play in two player mode with a friend.

Pencil Rush Online

Pencil Rush Online game icon

Collect as many colored pencils as you can before reaching the end of each level. At the end of each level use the pencils you collected to complete a drawing.

Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle game icon

Flip the bottle through various rooms without letting it hit the floor. You'll need to safely land on all sorts of objects, shelves, tables, sofas, speakers and even pictures that tilt and toasters that pop the bottle up.

Zoo Boom

Zoo Boom game icon

A match 3 game where you only have to make 2 matches! Seems easy enough but there are over 150 levels with each of them having their own challenge to complete.

Tiny Cars

Tiny Cars game icon

Stop and start the cars to keep traffic flowing in this easy to play traffic control game. Small fender benders are okay but let a major collisions happen and it is game over.


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