Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 icon

Dynamons 7 online RPG game is here! Play the 7th installment of the popular Dynamons games. Lots more special Dynamons to recruit, train and send into battle.

Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure icon

Complete each level without cracking Mr. Egg! Draw objects & pathways to complete each level. Lots of tricky puzzles to solve and dangers to avoid.

Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting icon

Shape shift into the forms of various vehicles to get through the varying terrain. You'll need to switch to a boat for water, a helicopter to fly over obstacles and other vehicles to overcome the types of terrain you need to get past to win the race.

Red Golf

Red Golf icon

Wild and challenging action platformer golf game. During your journey, you'll need to move across different platforms, open doors to move in the right direction, avoid collisions with thorns, control windmills and destroy monsters and bosses.

Gravity Master

Gravity Master icon

Draw shapes and let gravity do the rest of the work to get the sphere to all of the highlighted areas on each level. Lots of ways to complete each level and a video with solutions is available in case you get stuck.

Letters Match

Letters Match icon

A unique and challenging word game where you need to make letter matches as well as word matches. Find magic words and matches to see if you can clear the board of all letters.

Ragdoll Mega Dunk

Ragdoll Mega Dunk icon

A ragdoll simulator basketball game. Don't just get the basketball in the basket, get the ragdoll in there too. Earn money to unlock more ragdoll heroes.

Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga icon

Play 3D miniature golf on a beach setting. Choose your shot wisely as you have a limited amount of shots on each hole.

Dibbles For The Greater Good

Dibbles For The Greater Good icon

Guide your little heroes through the perilous levels. Get the king to the exit and save as many Dibbles as you can in this Lemmings inspired, comical puzzle game.

Raft Life

Raft Life icon

Build your own raft island while chopping and selling wood and catching fish for money. Use the money to build more sections and buy upgrades. Oh and watch out for the sharks!

X Trial Racing MA

X Trial Racing MA icon

XTrial Racing returns with Mountain Adventures. Quickly race against the clock as you drive up and down hills, do flips and avoid deadly traps on your way to the checkered flag.

Vex 8

Vex 8 game icon

More Vex action in this thrilling sequel. More obstacles to overcome as well as the new red-green light traps.

Gold Strike Icy Cave

Vex 8 game icon

Keep the colums of gems from reaching the miner. Destroy columns by clicking on like cluster of gems.

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7 icon

The popular Snail Bob is back! Bob is off in dreamland facing monsters, dragons and wizards. Help him get safely through each level and see if you can find the 3 stars on each level.

Pinball Rush

Pinball Rush game icon

Pinball like you've never played before! Complete levels by bringing down the yellow disk at top down to zero. 30 levels featuring springs, moving platforms, portals and more.

Bird Tiles Match

Bird Tiles Match icon

Mahjong with a twist as you'll need to make 3 matches to clear your stack before it fills up. Your stack only has 9 spaces so you'll need to concentrate on finding 3 of the same tiles to make room for more.

Vex Challenges

Vex Challenges icon

Yet another game in the popular Vex game series. In this game the timer counts down instead of up so you'll have limited time to complete each level. 75 challenging levels to complete as well as a hidden Challenge mode.

Dynamons 5

Dynamons 5 icon

The long awaited sequel to Dynamons 4 RPG game is here! There's lots of new places to explore along with new creatures to capture and have join your team.

Soccer Caps League

Soccer Caps League icon

Choose your team and fight your way to winning the championship cup in this fun and easy to play soccer game.

Bomb It

Bomb It icon

Bomb the other players to be the last Bomb It bomber on each level in this bomberman-like game. This is the first game in the Bomb It series of online games.

Kingdoms Wars

Kingdoms Wars icon

Defeat the enemies to take over all of their lands in this monopoly-like board game. Strategically buy land, build houses and even decide if you should stay in jail or pay to get out.

Color Pixel Shooter

Color Pixel Shooter icon

Rid each level of all of the bricks in this brick breaking game with power-ups and upgrades. Collect gold to purchase exotic weapons that are more powerful and will help you finish levels quicker.

Text Talk

Text Talk icon

Everyone’s favorite crossword game — sharpen your brain while you criss-cross text! The show is TEXT TALK and YOU are the guest star! Given a handful of letters, try to find as many words as you can and complete the crossword puzzle.

Battboy Adventure 2

Battboy Adventure 2 icon

Play as Battboy to get through all 8 levels. Defeat enemies with his Batarang and swing up to platforms with the Grappling Gun. Use his cape to glide over obstacles and chasms.

Vex 7

Vex 7 icon

More Vexacious fun in Vex's 7th platformer game. Use parkour moves to leap across the deadly obstacles with your stickman. Avoid spikes, shooting knives, and falling blocks and other dangers.

Fruit Slide Reps 2

Fruit Slide Reps 2 icon

Create a shape and start it repeating to wipe out all of the fruit on each level. You'll need to start over if you don't slice all of the fruit or if your shape hits a bomb.

Civiballs 2

Civiballs 2 icon

More Civiballs fun and challenges in this sequel to the original Civiballs with 30 engaging and challenging levels. Cut chains and use various tools to help you get all the Civiballs into their correct vases. New features include balloons, catapults, windmills, water fountains, ice luges and more.

Dynamons 4

Dynamons 4 icon

Get ready to train and win battles with your Dynamons in this new exciting sequel of the well-known RPG series. Collect unique creatures, evolve them and help them grow stronger to come out on top and be the very best.


Mergis icon

Make matches vertically with same Mergis's to merge them into a larger numbered Mergis. Use the power-ups and options wisely to keep a stack from reaching the top.

Fireman Frenzy

Fireman Frenzy icon

This frantic fireman is really shaky and needs to shoot the fires out in each level. Help him do that while avoiding knocking him out. 45 challenging levels to complete without a time limit.

Max Danger

Max Danger icon

In this platform game everything isn't always as it seems and danger abounds. See how few stickmen you can use to get through all of the levels.

Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon icon

Use the laser cannon to rid each level of the pesky monsters. More than just shooting monsters as you'll have to figure out how to use or destroy some of the obstacles.

The Smurfs Skate Rush

The Smurfs Skate Rush icon

An endless online running game featuring the famous blue Smurfs. Dodge obstacles, jump stumps, slide under signs and leap onto cars to collect as many berries as you can.

Gold Tower Defence

Gold Tower Defence icon

Protect your gold from the monsters in this tower defense game. The monsters are tricky as they come from everywhere and use tunnels. Luckily you can reposition your guards and hero to defeat them.

Left Turn Otto 3

Left Turn Otto 3 icon

Otto, James Otto is back with his trusty new Ottomatic pea shooter. He'll need it to wake up the turtles guarding his houses. Help him get to his home in each level in this fun one touch control game.

Rubber Car 2

Rubber Car 2 icon

The car doesn't look like rubber but it sure bounces around like rubber. So race, bounce and roll to the end of each level. No time limit in this game and if you can't figure out how to complete a level you can always watch the video walkthrough. icon

Conquer countries and territories by overwhelming your enemies. Use skill and strategy to takeover all of the lands. icon

Race against other players in this endless one touch motorcycle racing game. Use the coins earned to buy better and faster motorcycles.

Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5 icon

Enjoy hundreds of levels, Daily Missions and Weekly Challenges in this fun and challenging match 3 game. Earn gold and magical items!

Number Jumping

Number Jumping icon

Remove all of the numbered boxes on each level by reducing their count to zero. A box's number is reduced by one each time your player, the green box, jumps on it so plan your jumps carefully. See if you can complete all 35 levels and mind the gap!

Dyna Might

Dyna Might icon

Boom and down goes the structure! But only if you've placed all of the dynamite in good strategic places. No time limit so take your time placing the dynamite on each level.

Chess Fill

Chess Fill icon

Move the chess pieces over every square on each level. No time limit in this game and 70 levels to complete. Click on the page's video link to watch the walkthrough video if you get stuck.

Worms Zone a Slithery Snake

Worms Zone a Slithery Snake game icon

Sequel to the popular Worms Zone game with 3 modes of play & more upgrades. Grow your worm by eating while avoiding other player's worms.

Jumping Together

Jumping Together icon

These pups want to go home. Get them to the exit in each of the 24 challenging levels. The pups can't jump very high and some can't even jump but together they can reach new heights.


Cyclomaniacs game icon

Race against the robot maniacs and complete stunts to increase your boost meter. Lots of upgrades you can get to help you complete each level's achievements.

Rabbit Samurai 2

Rabbit Samurai 2 game icon

Find the lost bees in the forest and bring them back to the beekeeper in this grappling hook platform game. Collect carrots and secret crystals to unlock hidden run levels.

Jake the Snake

Jake the Snake icon

Jake the Snake needs to get to the exit on each level but he isn't long enough. Guide him safely to all of the stars on each level so he can grow and reach the exit.

Civiballs Origins

Civiballs Origins game icon

The classic Civiballs is back! Cut the chains to get each Civiball in its correct location.

Paper Fold Online

Paper Fold Online game icon

Fold the paper in the correct order to create the picture in each level in this relaxing puzzle game.

Rebel Gamio

Rebel Gamio game icon

Run through the obstacle course as fast as you can to beat other players to the finish line in this fun "io" game. Lots of dangers to avoid including dynamite which other players can detonate!

Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

Raymans Incrediballs Dodge game icon

Dodge left, dodge right and push other players around to be the last player standing as the play area shrinks.

Icy Purple Head Super Slide

Icy Purple Head Super Slide game icon

One big super slide divided up into 30 segments. Get Purple Head to the end by changing his state from sticky to icy in this tricky platform game.

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour game icon

Try and get 3 stars on each of the 40 levels by completing each level as quickly as you can. Don't forget to do mad stunts along the way as this will subtract time from your run and earn you upgrades.

City War 3D

City War 3D game icon

Capture cities both occupied and unoccupied to increase your army size. Take over all of the enemy's cities to beat each level.

Boxes Physic

Boxes Physic game icon

Click on boxes to break them up into 4 pieces to help get the green boxes off the screen. Use the bombs and other gadgets to help knock them off the screen. Do it quickly to get 3 stars on each level.

Knife Jump

Knife Jump game icon

Slice and dice your way through the game to see how far you can go. Slice everything you can to add time to the clock while avoiding non-sliceable obejcts and dangers. If you wait too long between slices, your time will run out.

Minigolf Tour

Minigolf Tour game icon

Mini golf where you'll compete against 4 other computer opponents. Try and sink the ball in the hole using the least amount of strokes.

Ice Queen

Ice Queen game icon

Explore a world of ice and snow, all while completing levels in this adventure based game. Collect ice creams and eat sweets as you make your way through each level, overcoming each obstacle the game throws at you.

Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge game icon

Another fun merge game where you'll need to merge and combine objects to help save and restore the tropical island. Lots of objects to merge and combine as well as daily challenges.

Jump on Jupiter

Jump on Jupiter game icon

Have the astronaut jump on Jupiter to jump through platforms. Narrowly missing asteroids will add to your Combo score multiplier while hitting one will end the game.

Vex 6

Vex 6 game icon

Jump and slide your stickman through 9 new Acts and 9 new Hard Acts. Each Act ends with a final Vexation stage. Come back daily to earn extra coins in the daily tasks and play the daily bonus level.

Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker game icon

Clear a pathway to the treasure in each level in this top down puzzle game. You'll need to chop down vegetation and push stones to fill holes before your redheaded character can get to the treasure chest.

Harvest Honors

Harvest Honors game icon

Head down to the farm for a fun puzzle challenge. Compete against your friends or others from around the planet to see who can be the first to harvest 100 carrots in this match 3 game.

Hex Takeover

Hex Takeover game icon

Take over the majority of the hexes in this turn based strategy game. The objective is simple: conquer the most tiles to win. You'll need to strategically decide which tile to move and if it should clone or jump to takeover tiles.


Pou game icon

Take care of your very own Pou pet. You'll need to feed, clean and nurture Pou as Pou grows up. Play mini games to collect coins to use for new outfits, hats and other customizations.

Two Aliens Adventure 2

Two Aliens Adventure 2 game icon

Two Aliens (one right side up and the other upside down), different obstacles but only one set of controls. See if you can get both aliens to the end of each of the 30 levels. Need help? Just click on the video link below the game to see how to complete each level. game icon

Another fun io game where you'll need to eat everything in sight as well as smaller players to become the largest circle. Steer clear of the larger circles as they are on the prowl and are hungry too.

Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy game icon

A fun Super Mario like platform game. Embark on this adventure full of enemies and dangerous traps and help our hero bring his friend back home.

Bouncy Race 3D

Bouncy Race 3D game icon

Compete against 15 other players and get to the winner's platform to progress further in the game. Avoid moving obstacles and other hazards while getting power-ups along the way. You'll need to hit the trampolines and successfully stick the landings if you want to place in each race.

Match Adventure

Match Adventure game icon

Lots of power-ups to get and earn in this adventure match 3 game.

Dominoes Deluxe

Dominoes Deluxe game icon

Play dominoes against the AI player/players or with an AI partner against an AI team. Choose to play in Classic, All Fives or Block mode. Choose Hard mode for more of a challenge.

The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup game icon

Help the Smurf cleanup each section of the ocean that has been polluted by Gargamel and Azrael. Pickup trash and treasures to earn coins to use for upgrades.

Uphill Rush 7 Waterpark

Uphill Rush 7 Waterpark game icon

Keep your ride upright after landing tricks and flying off ramps, umbrellas and other obstacles. Earn coins to upgrade your character, ride and/or abilities.

Celestial Fall

Celestial Fall game icon

See how far you can go in this Qbert-like game. Easy controls but hard to go far!

Traffic Control

Traffic Control game icon

No stop signs or traffic lights so the traffic really needs some help. Get the traffic safely through the intersections by speeding up and slowing down the vehicles. 4 levels to open up and 9 achievements to earn.

Dr. Panda Restaurant

Dr. Panda Restaurant game icon

Dr. Panda is back and has a restaurant that will need your help to run. Create and serve dishes and drinks to keep his animal friends fed and happy. Don't forget to clean the dishes and recycle the trash.

Fruit Slide Reps

Fruit Slide Reps game icon

A fruit slicing game with a twist. You'll still need to slice all the fruit but your slice will keep on repeating which is a good thing as you get only one slice! If you get stuck you can always watch the walkthrough video to see how to solve each level.


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