Draw Rider

Draw Rider icon

Draw the wheels to use on you ride so that you can beat your opponent to the finish line. You can redraw the shape of the wheel any time during the race to help you get past obstacles.

Draw Race 3D

Draw Race 3D icon

Draw up a car to use to complete each level. You can redraw the car at any time to help you complete levels and pick up gems.

Draw Climber 2

Draw Climber 2 icon

Draw legs for your cube and race against another cube to see who has the better legs!  If you don't win the first time just draw legs better suited for that particular track.

Brainy Cars

Brainy Cars icon

Draw the surface for your car to drive on in this unique real time drawing / racing game.  Get to the finish line in each map without crashing into objects or turning upside down.

Draw Joust

Draw Joust icon

Draw your jousting vehicle and start the tournament.  You'll need to constantly rethink your design as your opponent's vehicle and weapons are always changing.

Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure icon

Complete each level without cracking Mr. Egg! Draw objects & pathways to complete each level. Lots of tricky puzzles to solve and dangers to avoid.

Fruit Slide Reps 2

Fruit Slide Reps 2 icon

Create a shape and start it repeating to wipe out all of the fruit on each level. You'll need to start over if you don't slice all of the fruit or if your shape hits a bomb.

Fruit Slide Reps

Fruit Slide Reps icon

A fruit slicing game with a twist. You'll still need to slice all the fruit but your slice will keep on repeating which is a good thing as you get only one slice! If you get stuck you can always watch the walkthrough video to see how to solve each level.

Pumpkin Slide Reps

Pumpkin Slide Reps icon

Slice all of the pumpkins on each level while avoiding the skulls. Regular slicing game except for the fact that you only get one slice to draw. But that slice keeps on repeating so you'll need to keep that in mind. If you get stuck just click on the Video button on the main menu to see how to complete each level.

Gravity Master

Gravity Master icon

Draw shapes and let gravity do the rest of the work to get the sphere to all of the highlighted areas on each level. Lots of ways to complete each level and a video with solutions is available in case you get stuck.