Block Champ

Block Champ icon

Drop shapes on the board to fill up rows and columns to make them disappear. Be careful as the special tiles can help you or make the going rough.

Blocks Fill Tangram

Blocks Fill Tangram icon

Fill up the grid with the given shapes in this colorful and addictive tangram game. 12 difficulty levels with 80 puzzles per difficulty plus daily puzzles.

Blocks Sliding Tetriz

Blocks Sliding Tetriz icon

A Tetris-like game where you slide blocks rather than place them to fill up horizontal rows. No time limit in this casual play game and you can choose to play in Normal or Hard mode.

Block Wood Puzzle

Block Wood Puzzle icon

Try to complete rows and columns by dropping the wooden block shapes on the board. Keep playing until you can't fit any pieces on the gameboard.

Gummy Blocks

Gummy Blocks icon

Place the given blocks on the board to make rows and columns. Making complete rows and columns will make them disappear from the board freeing up space. Don't run out of space and try and keep room available for the larger shapes that show up!

Gold Strike Icy Cave

Gold Strike Icy Cave icon

Keep the colums of gems from reaching the miner. Destroy columns by clicking on like cluster of gems.

Halloween Blocks

Halloween Blocks icon

Halloween Blocks is a Tetris like Halloween game. Make as many rows as you can to prevent blocks reaching the top.

Blocks Puzzle Halloween

Blocks Puzzle Halloween icon

Drop the Halloween themed blocks onto the board to make complete lines vertically or horizontally. Place them carefully so that you don't run out of space.

Gold Strike Icy Cave

Gold Strike Icy Cave icon

Use strategy and tactics to remove columns of ice blocks before they reach the miner. As you complete levels you will go deeper into the mine where you'll need to remove more columns.