Chess Mania

Chess Mania icon

Climb to the top of the tower by completing each chess challenge. The tower has 400 levels with various challenges for you to complete. Standard chess rules apply.

Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men's Morris icon

An old (think ancient Rome) board game from the past now online. Make 3 in a row and you can remove an opponent's piece. No time limit in this game and choose to play against the computer or a human.

Chess Move 2

Chess Move 2 icon

Chess Move is back with 24 new levels to play along with a sliding gameboard and gravity changers. The pieces move like chess pieces but you don't need to know how to play chess to complete all of the levels in this game. If you get stuck, click the Video Button on the menu to see the walkthrough video.

Chess Move

Chess Move icon

A fun and challenging chess puzzle game. You don't need to know how to play chess in this game but you will have to use strategy to complete each of the 24 levels. No time limit with a video walktrough link available in the game.

Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions icon

This is a fun mahjong game with a twist. It's 3D so you'll need to rotate the shape made of tiles to make matches. See how many matches you can make in five minutes.

Bird Tiles Match

Bird Tiles Match icon

Mahjong with a twist as you'll need to make 3 matches to clear your stack before it fills up. Your stack only has 9 spaces so you'll need to concentrate on finding 3 of the same tiles to make room for more.

Kingdoms Wars

Kingdoms Wars icon

Defeat the enemies to take over all of their lands in this monopoly-like board game. Strategically buy land, build houses and even decide if you should stay in jail or pay to get out.

Chess Fill

Chess Fill icon

Move the chess pieces over every square on each level. No time limit in this game and 70 levels to complete. Click on the page's video link to watch the walkthrough video if you get stuck.

Dominoes Deluxe

Dominoes Deluxe icon

Play dominoes against the AI player/players or with an AI partner against an AI team. Choose to play in Classic, All Fives or Block mode. Choose Hard mode for more of a challenge.

Halloween Chess

Halloween Chess icon

Play against the computer in easy or hard mode in this Halloween themed chess game.

Halloween Mahjong Deluxe

Halloween Mahjong Deluxe icon

A Halloween Mahjong game. 36 levels to challenging levels to complete. See if you can get all 3 stars on each of the levels.