Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D icon

A meteor shower has covered up your home. Hire and manage workers to uncover it.

Idle Arks: Sail and Build

Idle Arks: Sail and Build icon

Build out your ship and set sail in this casual play idle game. Gather resources and get as many helpers as you can so that you can set sail and go on to build even larger ships.

Idle Factory

Idle Factory icon

Build up your factory business in this fun idle tycoon style game. Hire new workers as you grind away the day. Slowly build up your business until you have the best factory around.

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 icon

Choose from over 50 types of buildings to help you build your city in space with thousands of inhabitants. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future! Grow your city from an exploration ship to a huge metropolis, full of advanced technology.

Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire icon

Build your mining business out like a tycoon. Get your mine cranking to earn money to use to automate tasks, build mineshafts and improve effeciencies.

Idle Zoo

Idle Zoo icon

This zoo has been idle for way too long. Your job is to restore the zoo and make it better than it ever was by researching, building and populating the habitats.

The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom icon

Merge together hundreds of items to complete challenging quests to help rebuild the Mergest Kingdom. No time limit in this game.

Element Evolution

Element Evolution icon

Collect resources to get money and gems to so you can expand your land and build more items. A click/grind game similar to Grindmaster Remastered.

Merge and Fly

Merge and Fly icon

Operate and manage your airport and planes to optimize your earnings. Fly your best planes to make the most money and merge like planes to upgrade to a better and faster plane. Go to the shop to purchase upgrades to help you increase your earnings.

Grindcraft Remastered

Grindcraft Remastered icon

Create items, gather crops, mine resources and fight mobs in this grinding clicker game. Build items until you can build the port so you can go to Chasm Mine.

Make 5

Make 5 icon

Drop numbered blocks on the board to merge them into a block with a larger number. Merge "5" blocks together and they will disappear taking out nearby blocks. See how long you can keep the board from filling up.

Raft Life

Raft Life icon

Build your own raft island while chopping and selling wood and catching fish for money. Use the money to build more sections and buy upgrades. Oh and watch out for the sharks!


Mergis icon

Make matches vertically with same Mergis's to merge them into a larger numbered Mergis. Use the power-ups and options wisely to keep a stack from reaching the top.

Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge icon

Another fun merge game where you'll need to merge and combine objects to help save and restore the tropical island. Lots of objects to merge and combine as well as daily challenges.

Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft icon

Craft Halloween items until you craft the ultimate Halloween item.  Just drop like Halloween items next to each other.  3 like items next to each other will craft the next item in the recipe.

Halloween Idle World

Halloween Idle World icon

Build your Halloween world by upgrading items in this Halloween themed idle/clicker game.