Stick MathPup

Stick MathPup icon

Help MathPup get across the bridge and to the dog bone by using a ruler to measure the distance between islands. Measure carefully so MathPup doesn't fall in the water.

Math Orbital Cannon

Math Orbital Cannon icon

Protect Earth by eliminating the incoming asteroids and enemies. Position your ship having it go to locations, measured in degrees (0 - 359), to fire its cannon.

Woodcutter's Measurement

Woodcutter's Measurement icon

Measure out and cut the logs to the size needed in this fun measurement game.

MathPup Measurement

MathPup Measurement icon

Use the ruler to help MathPup get the correct sized dog toy. Get enough toys on each level to move on to the next level.

MathPup Measurement 2

MathPup Measurement 2 icon

Measure various items using a ruler. Choose to play with inches, centimeters or millimeters. No time limit in this game.

Measuring Dog Gifts game

Measuring Dog Gifts game icon

Each pup's gift weighs a certain amount. Read each gift's weight on the scale and get it to the correct pup.

Sort the Temperatures game

Sort the Temperatures game icon

Sort the pictures (lowest temperature to the highest temperature) based on what their temperatures would be. Pictures that need sorting consist of different locations, weather conditions and objects.

Weighing Fruits

Weighing Fruits icon

Find the fruit that weighs the most in this simple to play untimed weighing game. It may be simple to play but some of the upper levels can be tough. Luckily there's a video that will help.

Weighing Fruits 2 game

Weighing Fruits 2 game icon

Determine how much a fruit weighs in this sequel to Weighing Fruits. No time limit in this game which is good as the upper levels requires lots of thinking!

MathPup Railway - Feet

MathPup Railway - Feet icon

The Railway bridge is out because of missing rail segments. Fix the bridge by dropping the right sized piece of rail into the missing areas on the bridge. This is the feet/yard version.

MathPup Railway - Meters

MathPup Railway - Meters icon

The Railway bridge is out because of missing rail segments. Fix the bridge by dropping the right sized piece of rail into the missing areas on the bridge. This is the meters version.

Thermometer Quiz game

Thermometer Quiz game icon

Click on the temperature matching the temperature shown on the thermometer. No time limit in this game.

MathPup Rocket Tank

MathPup Rocket Tank icon

Use cup, pint, quart, and gallon containers of fuel to fill up MathPup's jetpack tank to the top with fuel. Don't overfill it! There's no time limit in this game so you can take your time playing.

MathPup Space Travel

MathPup Space Travel icon

Guide MathPup's spaceship to the end of each level by not letting it run out of fuel and not overfilling it.

MathPup Water Tank

MathPup Water Tank icon

Help MathPup fill up the water tank by adding pints, quarts, and gallons to it without overfilling the tank. No time limit in this game.

Panda Comparing Distance

Panda Comparing Distance icon

Compare the distances between the bamboo sticks to find the longest distance. No time limit in this game.

Panda Cutting Bamboo

Panda Cutting Bamboo icon

Cut the just the right size (in feet and inches) of bamboo as needed by each of the pandas. As the saying goes, measure twice cut once. No time limit in this game.

Panda Measuring Bamboo

Panda Measuring Bamboo icon

Give the pandas the length of bamboo they want measured in feet and inches. No time limit in this game.

Step to Dogbone

Step to Dogbone icon

Get MathPup to each dogbone in the level by setting the proper distance in feet and yards. No time limit in this game.

Weigh and Pay

Weigh and Pay game icon

MathPup wants to purchase dogbones at the store. Weigh each dogbone, check its price per ounce and pay with the correct amount of coins to keep MathPup happy.

Weigh and Pay 2

Weigh and Pay 2 game icon

More weighing and paying in this follow up to the original Weigh and Pay game. This version includes a Learn Mode and Practice Mode as well as the regular Game Mode.